Principal, Chris Freimuth

CF Gardens specializes in rooftop, terrace and backyard garden design in New York City and the metro area. We offer a full range of creative services, from design and installation to long-term maintenance. Our work blends ecological and social principles with a passion for innovative plantings and sophisticated style. CF Gardens was founded by Chris Freimuth, who has a degree in Environmental Studies from Vassar College and a diploma from the School of Professional Horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden. Beyond the garden, Chris is a writer whose work can be seen in regional and national nursery and garden association publications.


Find the Light Photography

Photographer, Bjorn Bolinder

Bjorn is a New York City-based photographer seeking to find the light with you.  He loves working with people - getting to know them - discovering their passions and their struggles. How do you want to be in the world?  What brings you the most joy? How do you want to be represented in photos?  

Creative expression and meaningful connection are at the core of Bjorn’s values. He sees working with his clients as an opportunity to practice this while capturing great photos.  He’s here to collaborate with you in finding the light (outer/inner), and in breathing life into your creative vision - to spread that light as far as it will travel, making this world a better place one connection at a time - one photo at a time.


Design Wild

Principal, Shanti Nagel

Design Wild works at the intersection of landscape design, people, and community wellbeing. Our private gardens, public projects, and urban farms bring the wild beauty of nature into designs that soften the city, improve ecosystems and inspire peace of mind for our clients and communities.  Collaborating with groups and individuals across the city we develop a collective vision, foster community and transform open space. Since inception, founder Shanti Nagel has transformed hundreds of open spaces enabling communities to take an active role in caring for local ecosystems and helping build lasting connections through the transformative power of plants.

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West 53rd St.


Image © Dane Issac, Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm

Image © Dane Issac, Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm

Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange farms rooftops, builds green spaces, and promotes sustainable living and local ecology through food, education, and events. Our Design/Build arm specializes in creative, ecosystem-supportive, and visionary landscaping, building and maintaining gardens, green roofs, green walls, and yards throughout New York City and the surrounding area, and consulting on projects internationally. We believe that social enterprise is a powerful driver of positive change, and that businesses should be a nourishing part of their community. 

+ Gardens Represented


Roosevelt Island

Catherine Epstein

Web Designer

Catherine is Garden of New York’s supremely gifted IT guy. From Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, Catherine teaches Humanities and directs theater at Meridian Academy. In bygone years she lived in New York working as a public radio producer for WNYC and as an educator at the Museum of the Moving Image. She’s also earned her stripes as a freelance writer and a submissions reader of short stories and plays. Catherine has taught classes on subjects ranging from capital punishment to Shakespeare in South Africa, New Haven, Austin, and San Francisco. She’s a Renaissance woman if ever there was one, and grateful are we to have her on the team.